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Integrated Pest Management & Responsible Use Program

This application contains aggregated values from Industry led’s Integrated Pest Management & Responsible Use Programs around the world. The data shown here has been reported by the members of the CropLife International Network in charge of the program in each country. 

* Indirect training  represents those people reached by broadcast and digital media (TV & radio spots and programs) as well as people reached by member companies at the local level.


How to use

1. First, select the chart style in the top menu that you would like to use (e.g. pie chart, bar chart, etc.)

2. Then select the measures you wish to look at (e.g. trainees, partners).  By clicking on “show on x-axis” you can decide whether the measure will appear as a legend to the side or as the x-axis (this option is not available for pie charts).

3. Then choose a dimension (e.g. year, country, region) to plot values into the chart. You can always plot various charts  at the same time using the option multi-graph.

4. Finally, use the aggregation option to have the values aggregated in different ways (e.g. average, sum)

Please visit the Help section for more information.


Measures identify the type of data you're plotting, for example KG Shipped or US$ Spent.

All | None

You can split your selected measure across one or more dimensions. For example, you could look at KG shipped for different regions.

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Aggregation is how data across dimensions you've not selected is combined. For example, if you don't split different regional data apart, it can be averaged, or summed, etc.

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© 2018 CropLife International Charts

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